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Benefits of Legal Paperwork Hurricane Irma and Key West Remembering 9/11 What Does Estate Planning and the Mayweather and McGregor Fight in Common? Can You Protect Your Home from the Medicaid Estate Recovery Program? What Happens When an Estate Plan is out of Date? What to do When Family Members are the Abusers Time to Have That Money Talk with Aging Parents How to Make Gift Tax Part of Your Tax Planning New Laws in Tennessee Focus on Elder Abuse Why Wills and Estate Planning are Not Do-It-Yourself Projects How to Prove Heirs Have Ownership of Mom’s House Is a Revocable Trust Right For Your Estate Plan? Women and Retirement: Special Challenges Next Up for Inheritances: Millennials and Gen Xers You Don’t Have to Be Famous to Need a Will! Retirement Planning Doesn’t Stop with Retirement How to Make Sure You’re Remembered Proceeds from Auction of Famed Playwright’s Collection to Benefit His Foundation Elder Abuse Law in Arizona Clarified by Supreme Court Ruling Changing the Value of an Estate before Death Non-Spouse Beneficiaries and Inherited IRAs Love Means Never Having to Say “I Can’t Find That” Small Changes add up for big Retirement Savings Impact Business Owner’s Estate Plans Should Include a Buy-Sell Agreement Another Medicare Increase Likely for Higher Income Retirees in 2018 Boomers and Millennials Both Need Estate Plans Special Challenges Remain for Some Same-Sex Couples Judge Awards Nearly $800,000 in Case of Fiduciary Breach Should You Leave Money for Your Kids? How Much? Fourth of July Protect Your Power of Attorney’s Power with—Yep, You Got It—An Attorney Happy Bobby Bonilla Day- Why you ask?? Lifetime of Caring for a Special Needs Child Costs Millions; ABLE Accounts can Help Understanding the Importance of Estate Planning Five Facts to Consider for Second Marriage Estate Planning Don’t Create a Legal Disaster as Your Legacy What’s Harder than Wedding Seating Charts? The Pre-Nup Conversation Is it Expensive to Have a Trust Created? Tax Deferred Accounts are Great, Until They Aren’t! Deciding Factors for Different Types of IRAs Happy Father's Day Weekend Are Trusts Valid in all States? A Love Letter to Your Family: The Letter of Final Wishes Retirement Planning has You Overwhelmed? Here’s a Starting Point Estate Planning is a Matter of Life and Death… Make Sure You Get out of the Weeds Can You Pass Your Home Down Without Going Through Probate? Digital Assets as a Part of Estate Planning The Moment You Become a Parent, You Need an Estate Plan Special Needs Individuals: How Parents Can Plan for the Future Owning More than One IRA: Sometimes a Great Idea Working Past 65? Here’s What You Need to Know Making a Retirement Dream Come True Requires Real-World Planning How Trusts Work for Families with Minor Children Don’t Get Stuck in a Nannygate Tax Situation Legislation to Lighten Estate Tax Didn’t Pass in the Past, may be Reintroduced Again Think of Your Will as a Tribute and an Act of Caring In Observance of Memorial Day Great Grades and Great Planning Equally Needed for a College Education For a Comfortable Retirement, Start Planning Early When Bitcoin and Digital Assets are Part of the Estate Steps Seniors Need to Take for Their Estate Plan and Their Loved Ones Converting a Traditional IRA to a Roth may Benefit Your Heirs What Happens When the Executor and Heirs Disagree? Not my Family… Often Overlooked, at a High Cost: Portability Election NOT AUTOMATIC Wills and Trusts are two Very Different Kinds of Documents Used in Estate Planning Will You be Responsible for Your Parent’s Debt? It Depends Protecting Your Legacy and Their Inheritance How Charitable Giving Works for Estate Plans Today Help Your Family with These Estate Planning Tasks New Laws to Give the Elderly More Protection in Washington State Don’t Leave These out of Your Will! Common Concerns in Estate Planning Talking About Difficult Topics with Family Members Estate Relied on Appraisal from Auction House with a Conflict: Artwork Undervalued by Millions More Planning and Savings, Not to Mention Attention to Health, for Longer Lives Hendrix Estate and Brother Continue Long Running Battle Another Reason for an Estate Plan: Reduce the Reasons for Family Feuds How Boomers can Lighten Their Tax Load While Helping with Preschool Costs Can the Estate Tax Campaign Pledge Translate into Legislation? How a Pet Trust can Care for Your Beloved Furry Kids Steps to Take to Protect Estate Tax Exemptions What to Consider When Deciding on Beneficiaries The Daffy Duck School of Retirement Planning Tennessee Supreme Court Consents to Hear Challenge to Estate of J. Don Brock Did You Know: Life Insurance Policies are Contracts? Staying Connected to a Valued Community through Planned Giving You Don’t Live in a Mansion? You Still Need an Estate Plan Was this Billionaire Penniless? Mysterious Death Leaves No Clues Is Someone You Love Without a Support System? What You Need to Know About the Durable Power of Attorney Why Start College Savings a Generation in Advance? Has Richard Simmons Become the Victim of Elder Abuse? Why You Need a Will and What You’ll Need to Know in Advance How Costs of Long-Term Health Care Hurt Farm Families Gifting with Warm Hands While Trimming Estate Tax Costs How IRAs Fit into Overall Retirement Planning Want to Keep Your Life Private and Your Heirs Protected? Who Doesn't?? It is Best not to Wait to see How Tax Laws Will Change How do You Know if an Estate Planning Attorney is the Right one for You? Change Your Thinking about Estate Planning: It’s Really Planning for Your Life and Those You Love No Kids? You Still Need a Will, No Kidding! Be Really Smart About Reverse Mortgages What is a Life Estate Deed? In Your 30s? Time to Get Smart About Money More Reasons not to Delay Estate Planning Iowa Judges say Just Being 60+ is Enough to Warrant Elder Abuse Protection How IRAs are Inherited Another Thing to Worry About for Aging Parents and Seniors The Poster Child for Inherited IRA Disasters Trusts and Tigers are Good Together The Unexpected and Often, Unplanned Cost of Retirement Healthcare What is a Domestic Asset Protection Trust? Another Pop Singer’s Estate Battle, This Time with a Twist How an Estate Tax is Different from an Inheritance Tax Why the Michael Jackson Estate is Still not Wrapped up Do I Need a Will, You Won’t Feel the Consequences, but Your Loved Ones Will What’s the Easiest Estate Planning Mistake to Make? Estate Planning Basics to Address in 2017 Asking Aunt Edith to Leave Her Home to Move to a Nursing Facility Trusts and Home Owners Association (HOA): Not Necessarily a Good Match Leave a Legacy as Well as an Inheritance Don’t Forget to Update Estate and Financial Plans for These Stages and Changes in Life Brother and Sister Fighting Over Multimillionaire Father’s Estate Timing is Everything, Even in Estate Planning First World Problems - Trust Fund Battle Heading to Federal Court, if Parties Can’t Settle Dispute Social Security and Timing: What You Need to Know Trump’s Tax Plan and Your Budget Why Everyone who Earns a Salary Needs Long-Term Disability Insurance What Kind of Trust is Right for Your Estate Plan? Insurance Companies Offer a Hybrid Version of Long-Term-Care Insurance Surprise Gift to Library has big Impact on California Community When was the Last Time You Checked Beneficiary Designations? Top Ten Tips for Estate Tax Planning Heirs of Prince’s Estate Still not Determined Retiring in 2017? Three Things You Must do Changes to Estate and Tax Laws in the Garden State Adding Insult to Injury—Taxing Social Security Loss of two Generations Within Hours Leads to Overnight Legacy Muhammad Ali Estate Could be Shining Example of the Power of Good Planning Trump Presidency Raises Concerns for Vulnerable Americans Step by Step Guide to Settling an Estate Can You Sell a Life Insurance Policy for Cash? It is still January, Take Control of Your Money with Financial Resolutions How to Talk with Aging Parents About Money: Not Easy, but Necessary Senior Citizens and Disabled Among Those Feeling Vulnerable in Montana How Savvy Grandparents can Help with Grandchildren’s College Expenses Keep Your Life Private and Your Family Protected with an Estate Plan An Uptick in Charitable Stock Donations When was the Last Time You Revised Your Estate Plan? A few More Things for Your “Honey Do” List: Retirement and Estate Planning Martin Luther King Jr. Day Beyond the Annual Appeal: Supporting Not-for-Profit Charities Estate Planning can Protects Beloved Pets too Use an Ethical Will to Convey More Than Assets Mom and Dad Hope You are Reading This!!! Savvy Planning for Lifetime Gifts to Children Special Needs Trust Fairness Gives Disabled Long Overdue Rights Retirement Planning Starts Early in 2017 Financial Help for Caregivers ER Staffers May Miss Signs of Elder Abuse The Challenges of Being a Personal Representative (Executor) If You’ve Always Wanted to Collect Art First Post of 2017- Take a tip From Race Drivers: Use Pit Stops to Protect Your Retirement When was the Last Time Your Estate Plan got a Check-Up? Estate Planning and Charitable Giving Likely to Change Post Christmas - Make a 529 Plan Gift a New Holiday Tradition How to Reduce Tax Liabilities Merry Christmas/Happy Hanukkah Can You Prevent Heirs from Recklessly Wasting Their Inheritance? The Bigger Picture for Estate Planning Think You are too Young to Need a Will? Think Again Avoid These All-Too-Common Retirement Regrets Another Reason to Move Down to Florida - Top Ten States With Big Estate Tax Bites Where There’s a Will, There’s a Plan Well-Organized Personal Documents Will Make Your Heir’s Lives Easier County Manager at the Center of Million Dollar Estate Battle with Daughter What You Need to Know About Living Trusts Almost Everyone has Them - So Don’t Neglect Digital Assets in Your Estate Plan Special Needs Planning to Ease Parent’s Worries Time for a Review of Your Estate Plan No State Estate Tax in Florida, but There Maybe in Your State! What’s the Best Plan to Pass Down an IRA? Growing a Family Also Requires Financial and Estate Planning Boomer Tsunami is Coming: Start Preparations Now Black Friday - Navigating Sudden Wealth Successfully Happy Thanksgiving - A QPRT Trust for Vacation Homes and Primary Residences New Estate Planning Options now Available for Same Sex Couples North Dakota State University’s STEM Scholarships Creates a Legacy How Life Insurance Plays a Supporting Role in Your Estate Plan Can Charitable Giving Help Achieve s Zero-Tax Estate Plan? How to Feel More Secure About Your Retirement Finances When an Executor Wants to Help a Disinherited Family Member Have You Considered What a Trust Could do for Your Estate Plan? Review Your Estate Plan to Keep Pace with Your Life Thank You to Our Veterans Puny Social Security COLA Increase Pinches as Health Care Costs Keep Rising What is “Portability” and What Does it Mean for the use of Trusts? Retirement and Succession Plan Critical for the Small Business Owner Election Day: Cash is King, but Hiding Cash from an Estate is Asking for Trouble Eight Things Sure to Wreak Havoc (Besides the Cubs Winning the World Series) on Your Estate Plan Should You Spend Your Kid’s Inheritance or Preserve It? Happy Cubs Day, November 3, 2016!!! Big Three Labels Negotiating for Prince’s Vault of Unreleased Music A Flexible Way to Keep Your Estate Private: A Living Trust To-Do’s Before You Say “I Do” Again SPOOKY New Jersey Phases out one “Death Tax,” but Another Tax Remains Medicare Coverage Basics What You Need to Know About 529 College Savings Plans How to Pay for Long-Term Care Planning to Distribute Assets Includes Family Dynamics Big Changes Made to Bolster Power of Attorney Laws in Connecticut New Orleans Saint’s Owner Needs a New Playbook for Estate Battle When do You Need to Have a Will? Elder Law Attorneys Focus on Education During National Special Needs Law Month Giving During Your Lifetime to Charities with Donor-Advised Funds An Estate Plan Must be Complete Let’s Face it, You Need an Estate Plan Critical Planning Points for an Overseas Move Spending Millions Easy for Heirs to Media Fortune Plan Carefully for Marriage in Golden Years Of Course Race Car Drivers Need Life Insurance Advance Directive Needs to be Specific Hurricane Matthew Use of Librarian’s Gift Sparks School Controversy Insurance Planning Follows Estate Planning Which Trust is the Best Trust for You? L'shana Tova Celebrities may Need Extra Help With Estate Panning (You Think so??) Can You Avoid Paying Taxes on Social Security Benefits? Having Your First Child? Congratulations! Now, Here’s Some Homework Protecting Your Home from the Costs of Long-Term Health Care Critical to add a Health Care Power of Attorney to List of College Supplies Estate Dispute Pairs Ex-Vanity Fair Editor with Estranged Wife Against His Former In-Laws Expect the Unexpected in Retirement and You’ll Really be Prepared Don’t Forget Your Pets When Planning for the Future Yes, You Really do Need a Will, Even if You Aren’t a Celebrity Estate Planning When Heirs Lack Money Skills Little Room in Retirement for Silly Money Mistakes Giving to Charity as Part of Your Estate Plan When Intellectual Property is an Estate Asset Daughter Challenges Publisher’s Will, Charging Attorney with Undue Influence Valuation Discount Planning Restrictions Being Considered Learn from Mistakes Others Make Before You Retire Only Your Heirs Will Know If Your Do-It-Yourself Will Works Real Estate Properties Owned by Prince Estate Approved for Sale Once You’ve Feathered Your IRA Nest Egg, What’s Next? What is a Generation-Skipping Trust and who Needs It What You Need to Know Before Tying the Knot a Second—or Third—Time Shop Smart for Medicare Supplement Insurance Taxes in Retirement: How to Plan for RMDs Difficult Discussions Become Easier with Frequency Learning How to Spend After a Lifetime of Saving Why Young Adults Need Estate Plan Documents Second Wife of Former Senator Asks Court to Dismiss Conspiracy Claims Should You Change Your Estate Plan as Often as You Change Your Phone? Is Justin Bieber the New Face of Estate Planning? Roth IRA is the Next Generation IRA Use This Checklist of Estate Planning Basics to get Started Before You buy a Whole Life Policy, ask Yourself These 5 Questions Don’t Forget to Check Beneficiary Designations Advisors may get Protection to Combat Elder Financial Abuse Prenup as an Estate Planning Tool The New Reverse Mortgage Will Brain Imaging Reveal why Some Aging Minds Mismanage Money? Court Shrinks Field of Prince’s Wannabe Heirs How an IRA Trust can Protect Your IRA Beneficiaries Legislators Warn Medicaid Managers About Impact of Slow Payments Problems with Power of Attorney: Be Prepared How to Control Funeral Costs How to Handle Different Assets in Your Estate Plan West Virginia Advocacy Group Working to Prevent Medicaid Cuts Your Vacation Home and Your Heirs Plan Carefully Before Giving or Accepting Money for College Estate Planning to Prevent Typical Problems Married LGBT Couples and Estate Planning A Wealth Transfer Plan and an Estate Plan: What’s the Difference? The Impact of Dementia on Retirement Planning 529 Accounts Allow for Easy Transfers Among Accounts Update on Social Security COLA, Medicare for 2017 Decrease Estate Costs by Tying Up These Loose Ends A Great Retirement Requires a Plan Don’t Let Personal Finance Myths Dent Your Fiscal Future Understanding Required Minimum Distribution Rules Digital Storage for Estate Planning Documents: Is it Right for You? Generation Xers Heading into Mid-Career Should Consider These Retirement Tips Estate Planning Tips for Same-Sex Couples 72% Increase in Reports of Elder Financial Abuse from one California County Healthy Communication Provides the Underpinning of Successful Estate Plans Why a Will Alone Isn’t Enough of a Business Succession Plan Your Estate Plan and Moving from State to State Learn from Ultra-Wealthy Examples how to Avoid Mistakes in Life Insurance How to use a Required Minimum Distribution to Support Charitable Causes Will Muhammad Ali’s Estate Be Different than Recent Celebrity Estate Battles? Strategies for Maximizing Social Security The Final Battle: Muhammad Ali’s Estate Expect to Rely on Medicaid for Nursing Home Care? Plan Ahead What You Need to Know About Long-Term Care You’d Argue with the IRS About This Tax Bill Too! Fate of Estate Planning Tool Hinges on Upcoming Elections Can You Refuse to Serve as an Executor? More Headlines, More Lawsuits Those Under 40 Need to Have an Estate Plan Also Outdated Wills Equal Missed Opportunities
Why would we recommend D.T.F.? Several Reasons: Your ability to explain complex estate problems, clearly and patiently; your total lack of arrogance and pretense; a strong feeling that you are motivated by what you perceive is best for your client, rather than what would generate the largest legal fees; finally, and importantly, you are a lovely guy. A.C.

Two words cannot sum up the entire process of creating my “trust.” I enjoyed your attention to detail, your patience of explaining terms and conditions until I understood, also giving me copies to read and understand. Thank you for your suggestions on what was best for “me” but still allowing me to make my choice. Most of all, thank you for thinking of “me.” Wells Fargo said “you were the best” I cannot deny that. Again thank you very much for everything. Anna is an asset or a compliment to the firm. She is warm and very caring. It was great doing business. Thank you.